No, really. My job as a queer wedding photographer is to tell the story of two lives coming together in one epic day of celebration. I don’t come to work with an ego, I come to work with my eyes wide open to tell an honest story of your day. But I totally get that you’ll want to know a little bit about the person who’ll be following you and your guests around for the day, so here goes…

Hi, I’m James.

Queer Wedding Photographer

This is a photo of me at the very moment I peaked in life. This is me being filmed in my own garden for Gardeners’ World. The dreamboat that is Monty Don actually said I was ‘an inspiration,’ so I can officially die happy now!

I love a bit of gardening, house renovation and getting my hands dirty. I basically love a project! I bought my lovely Victorian terrace in York in 2023 and have been lovingly renovating it ever since. I live here with my gorgeous and super friendly Cavalier, Lily.

I also have a love for research and writing. I’m currently half way through my PhD in History of Art. I have previously studied Photography and Visual Arts too.

I love to cook, and enjoy it even more if there’s a good wine pairing to be had. I have a slight MAFS obsession, will cry at dog films, and can rarely decide between an Old Fashioned and a Margarita.



You’re probably an LGBTQ+ identifying couple based in the North looking for a queer wedding photographer. You’re looking for wedding suppliers who you can feel comfortable with. You want to feel seen at your wedding, and celebrated for who you are both as individuals and as a couple. You may want to support the LGBTQ+ community by having queer-owned wedding suppliers at your wedding.

You want the imperfect moments and the hilarious outtakes just as much you want the beautiful moments. You want an honest retelling of family and friends coming to celebrate your love. If this is you, I’d love to capture your story for you.